Rancher Labs

Containers DevOps

California (HQ)

10050 N Wolfe Rd
STE SW1-272
Cupertino, CA 95014


At Rancher Labs we love containers, and love the experience they bring to developers. We love their portability, ease-of-use, and rich ecosystem support. We believe that Kubernetes is on the verge of turning from developer’s favorite tool to the de-facto large-scale production platform. So we have built tools that help organizations run their applications and services on herds of containers that can roam across Kubernetes clusters and clouds.

Rancher is a complete container management platform that includes everything you need to manage containers in production. You can quickly deploy multiple Kubernetes clusters across multiple clouds with the click of a button.

RancherOS is a great place to run Docker and Kubernetes. It’s an ultra-lightweight Linux distribution which enables you to boot Your containers in seconds as well as run Docker, Kubernetes and Rancher at Scale in production.

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