Angela Cearns

Professor of the European Institute of eCommerce Management at Churchill College at University of Cambridge



Angela Cearns is the professor of the European Institute of eCommerce Management at Churchill College, University of Cambridge. Angela came from Amazon in Seattle where she served as the Executor Director of International Expansion of their Fulfilment by Amazon business; GM of Amazon Global Selling marketplace business; and the Head of Prime Technology Platform that powers Amazon global Prime membership and Prime benefit offerings including Prime Videos and Prime Music. Prior to Amazon, Angela spent a decade in California Silicon Valley with Symantec and the Norton Anti-Virus brand in a number of leadership and directorship positions. In the last 18 months, she has been the Chief eCommerce Officer and General Manager for Pizza Hut Digital Ventures, leading Pizza Hut International through the digital transformation journey from a traditional casual dining restaurant to a leader in online ordering and delivery. Angela has a Master of Software Engineering degree from the University of Colorado and Advanced Project Management from Stanford University.

Upcoming Events

eCommerce Expo London 2019
25—26 SEPTEMBER 2019

Title of talk: What is the Formula of Innovation? How can traditional retailers implement lessons learned from giants of Silicon Valley to enhance digital strategies
Time of talk: 25 Sep 2019, 10:05 - 10:35
Theater: 25 Sep 2019
This speech examines the universal elements governing the innovation process of the giants of Silicon Valley. You will hear how Amazon, Google, Uber innovates following the principles of these elements.

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