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Tarum Samtani
Information Security Officer

Tate Cantrell

Verne Global

Taylor Deakyne
EMEA Sales Manager for Tier 1 Cloud Service Providers

Ted McKendall
VP Product Management

Ted Pulfer
Design and Build Consultant

Teddy Ko
Country Director

Singapore Telecom Hong Kong Limited

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Test Nametwo

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Thom Langford
Chief Information Security Officer

Thomas Magedanz
Head of NGN Division

Thomas Baehr
Senior Director for Management Service - APAC
The Uptime Institute
Thomas Kovanic
Technical Marketing for Network Infrastructures & IIoT
Panduit Data Centre Infrastructure
Thorsten Punke
Global Market Manager Data Center

Tim Anker
Founder and Director

Tim Bandos
VP of Cybersecurity

Digital Guardian

Tim Bound

Transtherm Cooling Industries

Tim Creswick
CEO & Founder

Tim Lee
Founder, CEO


Tim Mitchell
Sales Director


Tim Smalley
Head of Product Marketing

Timothy Wallach
Supervisory Special Agent, Cyber Task Force

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