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Big Data 7 days ago

How data lakes unlock the value of IoT Internet-enabled devices have led to an explosion in the growth of data. On its own, this data has some value, however, the only way to unlock its full potential is by combining it with other data that businesses already hold. Together, pre-existing data and newly-minted IoT data can provide a full picture of specific insights... Read More

AI Fri 21 Jun 2019

Unmasking Adversarial AI with Pin-Yu Chen Machine learning researchers are not solely concerned with improving the accuracy of models. They want to know how they can be corrupted and undermined - a research agenda that warrants more attention. Techerati spoke to an IBM researcher at the heart of it. Read More

Cloud Fri 7 Jun 2019

The infrastructure behind Stadia and the next evolution of cloud gaming The concept of a “Netflix or Spotify for gaming” isn’t anything new. But unlike films, TV shows, or music, which are relatively passive experiences – i.e. choose the song, playlist, programme, or film, then sit back and relax – games are far more dynamic. Read More

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Data Centre 4 days ago

What constitutes a well-run data centre? The Uptime Institute espouses its tiering structure to describe a data centre’s physical resilience; however, this is a rather narrow scope when considering ‘availability’. Building a resilient, highly-available data centre is only the initial, embryonic phase of its lifetime. For the following 15-20 years, how one operates and maintains a data centre is far more... Read More

DevOps 5 days ago

Don’t make DevOps the new Web 2.0 On a near daily basis, new articles are published claiming “This is NOT DevOps” and “You don’t get it, DevOps is not about this!” or “This is not how you do continuous delivery,” and so forth. While well-intentioned and often with a precise mental model in mind, the reality is that these articles are not... Read More

eCommerce Expo Fri 9 Aug 2019

eCommerce Expo 2019: Why Angela Cearns pivoted from Amazon Prime to Pizza Hut Ex-Amazonian and Symantec director Angela Cearns knows a thing or two about innovation and eCommerce. Ahead of her session at eCommerce Expo in September, Cearns explains why she left front-seat innovation behind to try her hand at transforming the fortunes of an iconic pizza brand. Read More

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