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Blockchain Wed 30 Oct 2019

TechWeek 2019: Bitcoin – the mother of all blockchains? A lot has happened since Satoshi Nakamoto penned his infamous Bitcoin whitepaper in 2009. At the time of writing, the price of Bitcoin now sits at just over $9,000, at its peak approacheing the lofty heights of $14,000. The cryptocurrency now boasts a market cap of $169 billion and commands 69 percent of the... Read More

Security Tue 1 Oct 2019

TechWeek 2019: How to ensure your smartphone and its data are not weaponised Over the past few years, cyber security specialist Frank Satterwhite has been working with a talented group of cyber engineers to create and package a security platform that allows users to protect their data in cyberspace. One of the group’s key focuses is on increasing mobile cyber hygiene as smartphones become the default device... Read More

Digital Transformation Tue 17 Sep 2019

TechWeek 2019: Why the tech sector should own diversity and lead by example, with Angela Maragopoulou  Why should we strive to maximise diversity in the tech sector? There are countless reasons, whether you look at the positive impact diversity has on company reputation, growth or productivity. But above all else, creating conditions under which previously overlooked genders and personalities can flourish produces more brilliant technologists - technologists like Angela Maragopoulou. Read More

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DevOps 1 day ago

Balancing secure and innovative software delivery In a world where one data breach is all it takes to destroy a business, only the prepared and vigilant ones that embrace security in their operations will survive. Yet, for many organisations, successfully integrating security into the software delivery lifecycle is still a huge obstacle. As illustrated in this year’s Puppet’s State of DevOps... Read More
Five steps to help refine your digital transformation strategy These days, asking an IT leader to explain their digital transformation strategy to you can be enough to cause them to tense up and begin to sweat. But why is this? The term ‘digital transformation’ has been used so widely and often over the past couple of years, that it’s becoming to be known merely... Read More

Cloud 3 days ago

Why are IT leaders flying blind into cloud migration? Businesses need to adopt an analysis-led approach when prioritising which applications to migrate, writes Greg Rivera, VP of CAST Highlight at CAST Pilots flying into storms need to turn to their instruments for guidance. Similarly, IT leaders running into cloud migration issues need to assess applications to support and facilitate their move to the cloud…. Read More

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