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Data Centre Wed 29 Apr 2020

Liquid cooling at the Edge – the coming technology is already here In the telco sector, 5G rolls out built on cell towers, base stations and new street furniture will see appliances installed in non-ideal and often harsh environments. Use cases such as consumer-focused Internet of Things in retail, Smart Cities transportation projects for autonomous vehicles and Industrial IoT deployments in processing and manufacturing plants will... Read More

Security Mon 23 Mar 2020

Remote working risks: 6 security-threats facing companies during this difficult transition As we all adjust to working remotely, security teams across the world are grappling with a very serious challenge. Almost overnight our companies have changed. Well established procedures are being rewritten, best practices quickly rethought, and policies stretched to breaking point. Business transformation is always a security risk. New technology and working practices need new... Read More

Security Wed 29 Apr 2020

Should your company ban Zoom? Zoom, the free to use video conferencing app, has exploded in the last month. It quickly became a household name and more than doubled its share price. However, Zoom has come under fire recently from the security community. Accusations and concerns around privacy and security features have been raised. Zoom is not alone here... Read More

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Cloud 13 hours ago

Seeing through the cloud: looking beyond headline stats When it comes to informed opinion, the IT world is blessed (some would say cursed) with a surfeit of riches. Go looking for the latest trends in any area of technology and you’ll find hundreds, if not thousands, of surveys on everything from digital transformation, data analytics and AI to more mundane issues such... Read More

Data Centre 14 hours ago

Reducing AIOps adoption barriers Artificial intelligence for IT operations (AIOps) has several use cases that IT operations managers can’t deny: reduce alert noise with statistically significant outcomes (up to 80 percent), correlate alerts and events to uncover the critical business issues immediately, analyse data across environments to find root causes, and resolve routine issues (like patching) automatically. Gartner... Read More

Data Centre 14 hours ago

Taking a different approach to Data Centre cables Global tech giants are building hyperscale data centres around the world but each site will have its own unique challenges. Data centre cables have to meet the demands of the application, match the geographic and environmental particulars, and comply with relevant regulations and legislations of the location country. In practice, that means when considering medium... Read More
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