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Data Centre Thu 6 Feb 2020

SICS ICE: A playground for data centre research In the far north of Sweden, scientists have built a facility to explore the future of data centres. “We have projects that are looking at innovative control of data centres…projects that would support zero touch data centres…we have started some projects that develop real life demonstrations of the reuse of heat for district heating.”... Read More

Security Wed 5 Feb 2020

Q&A: George Tunnicliffe — Head of IT Ops, National Theatre George Tunnicliffe has worked in IT across different sectors such as defence, charities, healthcare and in scenarios of rapid growth and transformation. The Cloud & Cyber Security Expo speaker walks us through his definition of positive security culture, and the myth that users are the weakest link the IT security chain Read More

Big Data Tue 4 Feb 2020

If organisations want to capture AI’s benefits, they need to get to work “No company competes today by its access to electricity, and no company will compete by its access to AI.” That’s the prediction of Daniel Hulme, AI expert, lecturer and CEO at AI firm Satalia.  For Daniel, today’s organisations are at a critical fork in the road. Successful companies will harness the power of AI and... Read More

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Cloud 9 hours ago

Will Gaia-X deliver the independent cloud network Europe needs? With the cloud industry establishing itself as a key movement in the provision of IT infrastructure around the world, the emergence of US dominant global hyperscale providers has placed many European government organisations in an increasingly difficult position. The issue is one of independence, or more precisely, the enormous reliance that organisations based in Europe... Read More

Security 12 hours ago

Q&A: Cyber crime — a law enforcement perspective, with Helen Williams Helen Williams is a Cyber Protect Officer working for the North West Regional Organised Crime Unit within UK Law enforcement. She works on projects with specific audiences to improve online security, as well as working with victims of cyber-crime and speaking at events and conferences. Read More

DevOps 1 day ago

How to chart DevOps success (securely) with Virgin Atlantic’s Martyn Coupland As DevOps Technical Lead at Virgin Atlantic, Martyn Coupland has two primary responsibilities. First, he is one of the subject matter experts for the airline’s Microsoft Azure platform and the subject matter expert for the Azure toolset which enables its DevOps program. In addition to the technical legwork, Martyn also provides expertise “around the softer... Read More

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