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eCommerce Wed 21 Aug 2019

The future of car ownership with Singapore’s first Netflix for Cars Would you pay a monthly fee for a service that allowed you to hop from car-to-car on a monthly basis without having to worry about maintenance and road tax? Singapore’s Carro, Southeast Asia’s largest automotive marketplace, reckons there is ample appetite in the city-state, so much, in fact, that the company launched its “Netflix for... Read More

Data Centre Fri 9 Aug 2019

Climate change is heating up the challenge to keep data centres cool Rackspace’s Gavin Murray explores four ways data centre operators can keep facilities cool in an ecological way A few weeks ago temperatures reached highs of 38°C across the UK, marking the hottest July day on record. This is set to become a more regular occurrence, with predictions that London will face similar temperatures to… Read More

Big Data Mon 12 Aug 2019

How data lakes unlock the value of IoT Internet-enabled devices have led to an explosion in the growth of data. On its own, this data has some value, however, the only way to unlock its full potential is by combining it with other data that businesses already hold. Together, pre-existing data and newly-minted IoT data can provide a full picture of specific insights... Read More

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Security 3 days ago

Do smartwatches pose a cyber security risk? Over the years, there has been an ongoing battle between those looking to advance technology and those looking to pinpoint its weaknesses. Whether it be computers versus viruses, or encryption versus hacking, there is often an overarching theme of good vs. evil when it comes to technology. Perhaps this is to be expected. As the... Read More

AI 4 days ago

Identity and AI: The recipe for a strong fraud defence The market has long demanded quicker and more convenient payment methods, and the industry is now answering with ubiquitous payments. Yet at what cost? PSD2 and open banking are now established in the legislative framework, and many third-party providers are springing up with new offerings that democratise access to payments and offer complementary value-added... Read More

Data Centre 5 days ago

5 myths about hyperconverged infrastructure debunked Hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) has gone mainstream, yet myths still remain that lead to misconception and confusion even among those that already have various HCI solutions deployed. These are five of the most prevalent myths debunked. First of all, the acquisition price of HCI solution varies by vendor and often by the brand of hypervisor used... Read More

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