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Big Data Tue 11 Feb 2020

Director Interview: Culture shock — How to create a genuinely data-driven culture “Terms like Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence are so overused nowadays, that the reaction they generate is increasingly: ‘OK…so what?’” That’s according to Lorenzo Bavasso, Director of Data Analytics & AI, and CTIO of Global Services at BT. Despite all the hype around data in recent years, genuinely embedding data and analysis into an... Read More

DevOps Mon 17 Feb 2020

How to chart DevOps success (securely) with Virgin Atlantic’s Martyn Coupland As DevOps Technical Lead at Virgin Atlantic, Martyn Coupland has two primary responsibilities. First, he is one of the subject matter experts for the airline’s Microsoft Azure platform and the subject matter expert for the Azure toolset which enables its DevOps program. In addition to the technical legwork, Martyn also provides expertise “around the softer... Read More

IoT Fri 14 Feb 2020

A healthy outlook – healthcare technology is bringing the future into the present “As a society we are now experiencing a tsunami of new technologies,” says Jorge Velázquez, Director of Business Transformation at Spain’s BUPA-Sanitas Hospitals. From stem cell therapies to the bio printing of human tissues, exoskeletons to bionic implants, ‘Big Data’ to AI, a dizzying range of new technologies is coming to the healthcare sector.... Read More

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Digital transformation ROI starts with revisiting your objectives In the last decade, few organisations would argue with the necessity of digital transformation; unfortunately, almost everyone would argue about what exactly “digital transformation” means. Now that many organisations are several years into their digital transformation efforts, that lack of definition has become a problem, in part because we’ve gotten to a moment where... Read More

Data Centre 5 days ago

Enabling AI with edge computing and HCI There is a constant stream of innovation happening in storage technology, and the hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) market is leading the way. According to this report, the HCI market is expected to be worth $17.1 billion by 2023. This projected growth could be put down to the myriad of advantages that HCI offers, including single-pane-of-glass... Read More

Cloud 6 days ago

Editorial: Why Big Tech can be proud of its coronavirus response The novel coronavirus pandemic is sweeping the globe and once bustling industrial economies are grinding to a halt.  Companies and their employees are being forced to rapidly adapt to a new way of working, civil liberties are being withdrawn to ease pressure on already-squeezed health services, and emergency services on the frontline of the pandemic... Read More

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