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Data Centre Thu 2 Jul 2020

Why the future of telecoms lies at The Edge Edge infrastructure is critical to secure the future of telecoms. This is an industry in flux. Revenues are flattening as consumers demand more data at a static cost.  At the same time, OTT players such as Facebook and Netflix have created innovative, consumer-friendly services using existing telecom infrastructure. Edge presents an opportunity for the telco... Read More

Big Data Wed 22 Jul 2020

Q&A: What the EU’s Privacy Shield ruling means for the UK Last week, Europe's highest court, the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU), invalidated the EU-US Privacy Shield, a legal framework relied upon by thousands of US and EU companies to transfer personal data from the EU to the US. The decision is perhaps no surprise, given the CJEU's long-standing concerns about the ease... Read More

AI Mon 29 Jun 2020

AI Adoption – Data governance must take precedence Imagine this, if you will. You’ve just bought a new car, it’s the latest model with all the frills. All of these extras make parking a doddle, your emissions reduced and your journeys smoother. You use your car nearly every day from that point onwards. You ignore the engine light when it comes on... Read More

Latest Features

2 days ago

The realities of ransomware: Five signs you’re about to be attacked Whenever we work with ransomware victims, we spend some time looking back through our telemetry records that span the previous week or two. These records sometimes include behavioral anomalies that (on their own) may not be inherently malicious, but in the context of an attack that has already taken place, could be taken as... Read More

Data Centre 2 days ago

Data centres: Enablers of the Digital Economy Data centres are critical utilities, the almost invisible heart, lungs and nerve cells of the digital revolution, facilitating increasing general economic activity for the good of citizens - nationally and internationally.  Read More

Cloud 4 days ago

Getting a handle on software metrics SDM is all about breaking down silos to focus on delivering the best, most impactful software possible and. But it’s not enough to deliver fast and without flaws. The core metrics you try to achieve have to be aligned and focused on delivering the quality software customers want and are willing to pay for.... Read More
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