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Why an inefficient cloud provider will put your business at risk

Data lakes can store masses of structured or unstructured data in raw format until your enterprise needs that data for analytics. That’s why data lakes are now seen as an attractive alternative to traditional data warehouses. However, enterprises like yours struggle to realize the expected return on data lake investments because of unexpected data quality, data governance, and data immediacy challenges. This paper describes how to address these issues and prevent your pristine data lake from devolving into a useless data swamp.

Speed innovation and increase agility with end-to-end automation
By automating every phase of your software delivery lifecycle—build, test, and run—you can deliver the efficiency, agility, and quality your business needs now. Download our e-book to learn about: Eliminating gaps and blind spots between Dev and Ops teams Integrating and orchestrating data flows from disparate sources Auto-scaling resources for optimal reliability, quality, and cost... Read More

Deliver scalable and reliable data and analytics projects with workflow orchestration
Data and analytics projects play a vital role in digital transformation. This white paper explores the essential role of workflow orchestration across the data lifecycle, from ingestion and integration to workflow creation. Learn how you can: Orchestrate disparate data sources across diverse infrastructure Maintain consistency and quality at enterprise scale Deliver insights to users automatically,... Read More

Amito offers free hosting resources to help keep kids learning

As education transitioned rapidly to a homeschooling model, the unprecedented upsurge in traffic for online learning platforms has proved severely challenging. Hosting provider, Amito have responded by offering free infrastructure resources to those platforms in need of extra capacity and greater connectivity.  Enabling them to continue to bring home learning to the thousands of children across the UK, keeping them connected and engaged with their schooling. 

The Forrester Wave™: Enterprise Insight Platforms, Q1 2019

Enterprise insight platforms combine data management, analytics, and insight application development tooling to provide insights-driven acceleration in the face of technological complexity. The Forrester Wave™: Enterprise Insight Platforms, Q1 2019 is a 21-criterion evaluation of enterprise insight platforms (EIP’s) detailing key offerings in this space to help CIO’s make the right choice for their business.

Top 10 criteria for selecting a managed services provider

One of the biggest obstacles to innovation is a simple lack of time to do so  The right managed service partner can get your IT running at scale, with fewer mistakes, by applying AI to a wealth of experience captured in a huge data lake. This frees you to focus your staff and resources where… Read More

Beneath the Surface of Digital Transformation: Why Leaders Modernise Enterprise Applications

Organizations that strive to be customer-obsessed must undergo a digital transformation and use technology to drive superior customer experiences externally, powered by efficient and responsive internal operations. A foundation of systems, processes, and investments drives ongoing innovation and supports your organization’s digital transformation. Key elements of the foundation are in enterprise applications, that is, systems of record, that support internal operations.

IBM’s response to Covid-19

The COVID-19 coronavirus presents an unprecedented, global challenge When citizens are doing their part by social distancing, healthcare workers and first responders are taking care of many of us, and our governments are mobilizing resources to respond to this crisis, we’ve asked ourselves what can we do at IBM? Of course, we are taking care of our… Read More

Upskilling: A toolkit to enable cloud success
90% of European organisations are affected by IT skills gaps, equating to $91 billion of lost revenue annually Even with the best intentions, tech leaders are struggling to fill those skills gaps, particularly when it comes to cloud implementation, migration and net new deployments. As a result, the business is held back – from capitalising... Read More

Infographic: What is hyperconvered infrastructure?
If you're struggling to contend with disparate IT architectures, you’re not alone  Varying proportions of private, public and hybrid cloud consumption are becoming the norm for enterprises, which creates a new set of infrastructure management challenges. Without a robust strategy of coordination and control, organisations face rising costs and complexity. Hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) unites storage,... Read More

The Gorilla Guide to cloud first networking
The Gorilla Guide To Cloud First Networking The tools and techniques enterprises use to develop, scale, and manage their business-critical applications have changed in recent years. Cloud technologies and public cloud providers are now mainstream, having reached a level of maturity that makes them appealing for the majority of use cases. Stitching clouds and on-premises data... Read More

A practical guide to outsourcing your service desk
Outsourcing the service desk is an accessible first step for businesses considering outsourcing more of their services It’s essential that employees have the support and tools to carry out their work efficiently, and it’s just as important for businesses to have a solution in place that can manage the demands placed on it by providing... Read More

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