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Tencent announces $70bn tech infrastructure spending spree

Chinese technology group Tencent Holdings has announced plans to invest $70bn upping its capabilities in cloud computing, AI, blockchain, IoT and quantum computing over the next five years.

As part of the investment, announced on WeChat this week, Tencent said it will spend billions building hyperscale data centres, supercomputers and sprawling 5G networks.

Rolls-Royce and Daimler Truck AG team up on fuel-cell generators for data centres

Rolls Royce and Daimler Truck AG plan to collaborate on fuel cell generators for data centres, with the companies planning to launch a demo system later this year.

The fuel cells themselves will be supplied by Daimler Truck AG, one the world’s largest commercial vehicle manufacturers, and fellow automaker group Volvo.

Last year both companies signed a preliminary agreement to manufacturer the energy devices on a large scale.

Schneider Electric releases open API for EcoStruxure IT Expert

Schneider Electric has released a public API for its cloud-based data centre monitoring software EcoStruxture IT Expert.

EcoStruxure IT Expert is a vendor-agnostic, AI-powered monitoring platform that allows data centre operators to monitor power and critical infrastructure remotely.

The API allows end users to integrate the platform’s remote monitoring capabilities into third-party power and critical infrastructure systems.

Australia researchers record fastest ever internet speed

The team from Monash, Swinburne and RMIT universities sent 44.2 terabits per second over 75km of glass fibre from a single chip Researchers in Australia claim they may have successfully tested the fastest internet data speed ever, capable of downloading 1,000 HD movies in less than a second. A team from the Monash, Swinburne and… Read More

Canadian data centre provider eyes carbon capturing concrete for new builds

Canadian data centre provider Compass Datacenters has revealed of all its facilities will be built with CarbonCure concrete.

The innovative environmental material, developed by fellow Canadian outfit CarbonCure Technologies, is made by injecting re-captured CO2 into the concrete manufacturing process.

According to the CarbonCure, the procedure dramatically reduces the amount of cement required to mix the concrete, which is important as cement production accounts for 7 percent of global CO2 generated. On top of that, it’s a pretty handy way of removing CO2 from the atmosphere.

Schneider Electric and AVEVA team up to simplify data centre operations for hyperscale providers

Schneider Electric and engineering and industrial software company AVEVA are combining their operations and monitoring products into a powerful new solution for hyperscale data centre operators.

The number of hyperscale data centers surpassed the 500 mark in 2019, according to Statista. Despite Covid-19-related disruption, hyperscale providers have expedited construction plans to meet surging demand for cloud resources.

Successive cyber attacks shut down European supercomputers working on Covid-19 research

European high-performance supercomputers were subject to a string of related cyber attacks last week that forced academic insitutions to temporarily take systems offline.

A large number of the academic institutions impacted were using their supercomputers to run Covid-19 research workloads.

New carbon credit calculator helps organisations offset carbon emissions with old IT equipment

A new tool could help organisations securely dispose of old IT equipment in an environmentally friendly way and earn them money for doing so. 

Launched by Blancco and CO2Neutral, the online calculator can be used by organisations in US and Canada to determine carbon credit and cash values for retired IT equipment, including servers and old laptops.

EcoDataCenter readies world’s first deployment of chassis-level immersion liquid cooling

EcoDataCenter has announced it will be the first company to offer Schneider Electric, Iceotope and Avnet’s groundbreaking liquid cooling technology for customer’s hosted IT workloads.

The company will install the technology at its recently launched 8MW colocation facility in Falun, Sweden, which the company claims is the world’s first “climate positive” data centre.

The solution, announced by Iceotope, Schneider Electric and Avnet in December last year, will initially cool power densities of 46kW per rack, although it is capable of scaling to power densities of over 100kW per rack.

Microsoft announces three new data centre regions in one week

Microsoft has announced that Italy, New Zealand and Poland will soon be getting their first cloud regions, as the technology giant steps up efforts to increase capacity amid constraints in the wake of Covid-19.

A cloud region is made up of at least two data centres to ensure redundancy and avoid a single point of failure for cloud resources.

Equinix reveals infrastructure demand surge from Zoom and Tiktok

Equinix, the world’s largest data centre provider, has said the Covid-19 pandemic will not majorly impact its bottom line, if at all, as it posted strong Q1 results last week.

The company secured $1.445 bn of revenue in Q1, a two percent rise on Q2 and a six percent growth year on year.

Virgin Media and O2 deal confirmed: Firms pen £31bn mega-merger

Virgin Media and O2 are to merge to create a £31 billion media and telecoms giant, their parent firms have announced.

Liberty Global and Telefonica – the owners of Virgin Media and O2 respectively – had confirmed on Monday that they were in discussions over a possible combination.

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