IoT 12 hours ago

Scientists develop ‘UK weatherproof’ solar technology Scientists claim to have developed solar power technology that can produce around 20% more energy in cloudy weather, compared to conventional solar cells. Researchers say their co-called “British weatherproof” technology is cheaper, more energy-efficient and more flexible than traditional solar panels – and can convert solar energy to electricity in low light conditions.

Data Centre 13 hours ago

Microsoft in talks over 20-acre expansion for Dublin data centre campus According to reports, Microsoft is in discussion to purchase 20 acres of land to extend its data centre campus in Dublin. Independent.ie, which revealed the talks, claimed the data centre would be built alongside a 120-percent office development in the Irish capital. 

Cloud 14 hours ago

Report: Microsoft handed OpenAI $500m in Azure credits Half of the $1bn Microsoft invested into OpenAI last year came in the form of Azure credits, according to a profile on the group published in MIT Technology Review. In July, when Microsoft announced the mammoth investment into the AI research lab, which is dedicated to the safe and ethical creation of artificial general intelligence,...
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