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Amazon to release AWS IoT for managing connected devices

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is launching a dedicated IoT cloud platform, which will support companies in managing their connected services and applications. The beta release, set for next Wednesday, has been designed to provide a management platform and support network for companies developing AWS-powered services with embedded devices. Developers will connect the IoT hardware to… Read More

Universal Music Group strikes streaming deal with Amazon Prime

Amazon has announced that global music distributor Universal Music Group has allowed mainstream artists from its roster to be made available for Amazon Prime’s music streaming service. The service – which bundles free delivery of Amazon-purchased items with streaming services of third-party and Amazon-produced video content and music for a fixed annual fee – allows… Read More

Elephant or teapot? Why occlusion is the next great frontier for image recognition

The intensity of current research into the field of image recognition reflects the potential ramifications of computers being able to make sense of the visual world, either through neural networks or advances in database classification, or both. There is a magnitude of difference between an AI that can compare a real-world situation to the most… Read More

Amazon Prime adds iPlayer-style video downloading

Amazon is to allow members of its Amazon Prime program to download Prime-eligible videos to their devices for offline viewing. However the new feature is not on a par with the way you can download MP3 versions of purchased music, without any digital rights management (DRM). The downloaded videos will be controlled and time-limited in… Read More

Teasing apart the public vs. private cloud polemic

The last few years of debate about the public versus the private cloud have been lively, but arguably not framed by the context of how – and which – industries are driving adoption… The ambient  noise around public vs. private clouds can be confusing to IT managers. After all, the industry has been using terms… Read More

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