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Amazon to reject Flash-based ads from next month

Amazon has announced that it will no longer accept Flash-based ads from September 1st on Amazon.com or its third-party advertising platform. In a statement on Amazon’s Advertising Program, which lets advertisers target Amazon Shoppers on Amazon’s sites and across the web, the move was driven by “recent browser setting updates from Google Chrome, and existing browser settings… Read More

Amazon India and Ola helping ex-soldiers back into work

Indian ex-servicemen welfare group, The Directorate General Resettlement (DGR), is joining with Amazon India and Mumbai-based startup Ola as part of a wider effort to provide employment opportunities for former soldiers. Over 60,000 military personnel retire from the Indian army every year, mostly between the ages of 37 and 45, and find it difficult to adapt… Read More

AWS to launch local cloud services from Indian data centres in 2016

Amazon is looking to launch its public data centre business in India to respond to the region’s demand for cloud-based services. Already established in the U.S., Brazil, Germany, Ireland, China, Japan, Singapore and Australia, Amazon Web Services (AWS) is now expanding its server infrastructure to provide locally-based services in India. Its Indian customers already include large… Read More

Oracle boosts cloud offering, aims at Amazon

Oracle, headed up by Larry Ellison, announced on Monday that it would be making an aggressive incursion into cloud computing, competing with big industry names such as Amazon. “We’re prepared to compete with Amazon.com on price,” said Ellison, as the tech giant announced 24 new cloud offerings including cloud storage services, cloud CRM and cloud-enabled Oracle… Read More

Amazon considers ‘Uber-style’ amateur delivery service, rejects state drone interference

Amazon is considering an Uber-like approach to deliveries, offering the average Joe the chance to drop off customers’ packages “in their neighbourhood.” According to a Wall Street Journal [paywalled] report, the initiative is currently going by the name of ‘On My Way’ and would use a network of retailers as distribution centres. Traditional delivery services… Read More

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