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EU launches antitrust probe into Amazon’s e-book services

As the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) ignites into publicly-generated controversy, the European Union launches another flank at one of its favourite investigative targets. Today the European Commission has announced the opening of a fresh investigation aimed at Amazon.com, Inc., this time looking into allegations that the Seattle-based global publishing, delivery and digital services… Read More

Amazon Germany pays 0.1% tax rate in 2014, funnels sales through low-tax haven

E-retail giant Amazon.com’s German branch paid just 11.9 million euros (approx. £8.5 million) in tax last year, equivalent to a 0.1% tax rate considering the company reported $11.9 billion in gross sales in Germany in 2014. German corporate income tax stood at 29.58% last year which would mean Amazon Germany would have been expected to pay… Read More

AWS bigger than cloud rivals Google, Microsoft, IBM and Salesforce combined

Amazon’s AWS cloud has beaten competition from its closest rivals Microsoft Azure, IBM, Google and Salesforce, with its revenue outstripping the others’ combined total. According to analyst group Synergy Research, although the virtualised infrastructure industry is growing rapidly as a whole, Amazon’s public cloud offering is shooting ahead of its counterparts and is currently larger… Read More

Amazon launches Marketplace for desktop apps in the cloud

Amazon has today launched a public cloud Marketplace for desktop apps. The e-retail and cloud services giant will now sell subscriptions to software such as Office and Visual Studio on a pay-monthly basis. The new desktop software offered across the Marketplace will run on Amazon’s virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) service, AWS WorkSpaces which launched in… Read More

Amazon set to build more data centres if Oregon tax issue resolved

Amazon is planning to expand its data centre holding with up to 11 new facilities in Oregon should a state issue be addressed. Last week, an Amazon official stood in front of state lawmakers to testify on ‘central assessment’ – an issue regarding the levying of property taxes on utilities and telecom organisations. Amazon currently owns… Read More

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