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EU commission: Amazon’s Luxembourg tax deal may have been illegal, and mammoth taxes due

Online retailing giant Amazon may have broken the law with its ‘sweetheart tax deal’ with Luxembourg, a preliminary finding from the European Commission has asserted. The Seattle-based company officially came under investigation by the commission last October, following revelations in May that it had paid only £4.2mn tax on £4.3bn of turnover during 2013. The… Read More

VMware launches German data centre focused on data sovereignty

As Switzerland is to banking, it seems increasingly that Germany will be to inviolable data storage. In 2015 virtualisation tech giant VMware will bring a new German data centre online, the latest company to join the growing trend for German data centres that protect their contents from falling into the purview of other countries. Germany… Read More

EU launches investigation into Amazon’s Luxembourg tax deal

The European Commission is to launch an investigation into the tax arrangement that online retailer Amazon struck with Luxembourg, in a climate of increasing concern about high-scale corporate tax avoidance within austerity-struck Europe. Under the deal being investigated the retail giant, headquartered in Seattle, pays virtually no tax on profits from its European operations. In May… Read More

Amazon reboots Elastic Cloud Compute instances to protect against Xen bug

Amazon Web Services’ Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) instances are in a four-day reboot cycle because an unknown bug has been found in the company’s Xen virtualisation platform, reports Australian website IT News. Amazon initially sent a routine round of emails to EC2 customers, referring to ‘required host maintenance’ as the reason for a series of rolling restarts, but the… Read More

Google lures developers from AWS and Azure with $100,000 of free Cloud Platform Credits

Google is offering $100,000 in Cloud Platform Credits for one year to developers who choose the Mountain View giant’s own Cloud-based platform over its competitors – most notably Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure. The Cloud Platform for Startups initiative was announced today by Urs Hölzle, Google’s technical infrastructure SVP,  at the Google for Entrepreneurs Global… Read More

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