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1,600 digital beating human hearts stored for Big Data research

Doctors in London are now able to access digital copies of thousands of human hearts, helping medical professionals across the industry develop new treatments and preventative care plans for chronic heart disease. 3D video recordings of the beating hearts of 1,600 patients were collected by researchers and scientists at the Medical Research Council’s Clinical Sciences… Read More

eBay: Placing data at the heart of business strategy

Davide Cervellin, Head of EU Merchant Analytics at eBay Inc talks about the importance of placing data at the heart of business strategy and the crucial steps to take in achieving this goal. “Data has always been at the center of the decision making process at eBay,” says Cervellin. In the retail space, he notes… Read More

Smart clothing to overtake wristbands in war of the wearables

Fitness wristbands are expected to peak over the next year before starting a gradual decline, a Gartner report has claimed. Wearable bands have dominated the consumer tech market this year, with sales expected to rocket over Christmas. Currys has predicted that the Samsung Gear Fit will be the number one technology gift over the festive period…. Read More

Unlocking opportunities for growth and solving global challenges with open data

Richard Stirling, International Director at the Open Data Institute (ODI), explains the importance of the emerging open data movement for increasing transparency, unlocking economic growth for businesses, and solving local and global issues. Firstly, could you explain a bit about the current trends in data and analytics? There are three big data trends happening at… Read More

Oxford University announces Big Data and IoT project for NHS patients

Oxford University has launched a combined Big Data and Internet of Things programme designed to improve care for hospital patients. In collaboration with the US-based Chan Soon-Shiong Institute of Molecular Medicine, the University of Oxford announced yesterday its plan to sequence genomes of individual patients using analytics tools and connected devices. The project is fully… Read More

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