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Google buys Stackdriver – provider of a specialist monitoring cloud workload performance service.

This tale has got a lot of coverage, very little of which adds anything beyond what we said in the above tweet. The essentials are Google has bought Stackdriver for an undisclosed sum and has kept its plans secret. Launched in 2012, Stackdriver is based in Massachusetts and made its name mainly providing cloud monitoring… Read More

How big data is saving bankers’ bonuses

Information Age’s Ben Rossi discusses the impact of the EU’s new policy on bankers’ bonuses. He argues that big data holds the key to effective compensation plans. Based on ‘actual analysis and insight’, big data strategies will result in a more rewarding, flexible and intelligent bonus system for businesses and their employees. However, as Rossi… Read More

Selecting the right software stack for your business analytics project

Once you have decided your data warehouse needs business analytics rather than a dashboard project do you go for a front end or back end solution or perhaps now a full stack offering? Elad Israeli, the founder and chief product officer at Sisense weighs up the options When assessing the various alternatives for extracting intelligence from your… Read More

Hosted analytics programme creates big data enthusiasts at EMC

Transforming its business to run on predictive analytics has created a new cadre of data junkies at EMC as it seeks to exploit an internal hosted business analytics service. Chuck Hollis, the vice president of Global Marketing CTO at EMC, reporting on the progress of its Business Analytics as a Service (BAaaS) project in his… Read More

“OpenStack is ready for the enterprise” says defiant Barcet

At the Openstack summit in Portland, Oregon in 2013 it was clear that interest in deploying the solution is growing, but most enterprises were still holding back. The people at the front line within these organisations felt this technology’s lack of maturity is impeding its wide scale deployment, and yet they also said that it… Read More

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