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Making digital transformation happen in 2018

If there’s a single phrase that speaks for the desires of every modern business, it has to be digital transformation. Present in every press release, every keynote speech, and every business plan, it represents the beating heart of CIOs and IT teams everywhere that want to make their business the next Amazon or Google. Words… Read More

Data ownership and driving change

Barry Green spoke to The Stack about his career and future prospects of online banking ahead of his appearance at Big Data World 2018 The Bank of Ireland’s Chief Data Officer (Interim), Barry Green will be bringing his considerable knowledge and expertise to his presentation at this year’s Big Data World. On the 21st March… Read More

Data analysis shows support for Theresa May has halved

Theresa May’s handling of Brexit has caused her popularity to drop by half, according to Twitter sentiment analysis. Data scientists at Queen’s University in Belfast analysed what has been tweeted about the Prime Minister between June and December, and found that her popularity has dropped from a rating of 42 to 20. It also found… Read More

Khronos Group creates standard for data scientists

A consortium of hardware and software companies has released a standard for ease of sharing among data scientists. The Khronos Group has spent more than a year creating the Neural Network Exchange Format (NNEF) 1.0 Provisional Specification to ease the exchange of trained neural networks. As it stands, machine learning deployment can become fragmented. The… Read More

Cray joins big data team at U.S. research centre

Supercomputing firm Cray has joined the U.S. Department of Energy’s big data research group to work on major scientific problems. The National Energy Research Scientific Computing Center (NERSC), set up under the American energy department, is the country’s primary scientific computing facility, and also plays host to the Big Data Centre (BDC). This smaller organisation,… Read More

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