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Verne Global unveils HPC as-a-service because of huge demand

Engineers and scientists can take advantage of a new high performance computing platform thanks to a release from Verne Global. Verne bosses say the new high performance computing (HPC) as-a-service platform has been released as a result of massive demand from its existing customers. People specialising in computer-aided engineering, genomic sequencing, molecular modelling, grid computing, artificial… Read More

HPE releases machine learning platform for the data centre

Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) has announced the release of InfoSight, a predictive analysis platform for data centres. The recommendation engine, designed to ‘simplify and reduce the guesswork in managing infrastructure’, is, according to HPE, the first in the industry to use artificial intelligence. The platform will use advanced machine learning to bring software-defined intelligence to… Read More

Why a collaborative, data-driven strategy can boost customer experience

Ahead of his keynote session at Big Data World, Frankfurt 2017, Ronald van Loon, Director at Adversitement, discusses the trends in customer experience which are driving demand for big data and artificial intelligence solutions Due to the growing number of smartphones, tablets, laptops, IoT devices and sensors in today’s digital world, a point of sale… Read More

IoT and agriculture: how connectivity is transforming farming

Dr. Hugh Martin, principal lecturer in agricultural science at the Royal Agricultural University, looks at how the IoT revolution is helping usher in a new age of farming Industry 4.0 is a well-known idea. Perhaps less well-known is Agriculture 4.0. Martin identifies three previous revolutions in agriculture – dating back to the introduction of one of… Read More

MIT researchers use AI-based system to see round corners

Researchers at MIT have created an imaging system using artificial intelligence to effectively see around corners. The new algorithm has been developed by MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL), and can work with cameras on smartphones. The system uses information about light reflections from objects or people around a corner and using that… Read More

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