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Apple set to get Beats in $3.2bn deal

A big story covered widely in the media although not yet official that the computing and smartphone giant is buying Beats, the seven year old headphone and download company of rap performer and producer Dr Dre (Andre Young). It would be Apple’s biggest acquisition to date but is only a fraction of the funds available… Read More

News: Be quick and be different urges IBM SoftLayer boss

Don’t just move to the cloud but use the cloud to do things differently. That was the message that Jonathan Wisler, general manager EMEA at IBM’s SoftLayer, left with visitors to Cloud Expo Europe 2014. “Don’t wait for the big, perfect plan. Just get started. While I am speaking here, you could have signed up… Read More

Apple iBeacons: With great power comes great potential to annoy

A mildly-disturbed piece from ZDNet’s Adrian Kingsley-Hughes on how Apple is introducing a technology that, says the article, paves the way for Apple to spam users even if their devices are locked. Users can opt out but the piece warns companies thinking of using it to be careful how they use it. Excerpt “I think… Read More

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