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Apple beats Wall Street but questions remain over iPhone 8

Apple has released its fiscal third quarter earnings, showing unexpected growth and record revenue levels, including a strong performance in its services department. In the shadow of the upcoming iPhone 8 release, the date of which is widely speculated on, but as yet unannounced, and based on previous performances, analysts were expecting a slump, but… Read More

Code suggests iPhone 8 will have facial recognition and no home button

Apple has seemingly leaked details of the iPhone 8, showing facial recognition and a full-frontal screen with no home button. The details were leaked when Apple released the firmware code for its new smart speaker, the HomePod, which is considered Apple’s answer to the Amazon Echo. A number of developers looked through the code, including… Read More

Apple announces new Chinese data centre

Apple has announced that it will build a data center in China, to comply with the country’s new cybersecurity and data portability regulations. The new data center will be built in the Guangzhou province, as part of the company’s $1 billion investment in the region. The facility will be used to deliver low latency connections to… Read More

Apple building $925M data centre in Denmark

Apple has announced the construction of a second data center in Denmark, as a similar facility is held up in Ireland. Expected to be operational in 2019, Apple’s new Danish data center will be powered by 100% renewable energy. It will be built to similar specifications as the Jutland facility opening later this year, in terms… Read More

Apple reportedly testing 3D facial recognition for iPhone 8

Apple is reportedly looking to integrate 3D facial recognition into its new iPhone 8, allowing users to unlock their devices with their faces. For the new iPhone model, set to go on sale later this year, Apple is said to be designing an improved security feature enabled by 3D sensors and iris scanners, letting users… Read More

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