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Apple claims WikiLeaks vulnerabilities fixed years ago

Apple has stated that the vulnerabilities pointed out in the latest WikiLeaks data dump from ‘Vault 7’ were fixed many years ago, and that the hacking methods purportedly used by the CIA would not work on today’s devices. After assessing the claims put forth in the Vault 7 documents, Apple has asserted that while the… Read More

Apple patents Roman-style scroll device with flexible OLED screen

Apple has applied for a patent for a new type of device which offers a very old configuration – a scroll. The application describes a mobile device consisting of two cylinders which can be pulled apart to reveal a flexible OLED screen. The document indicates that the two cylinders may be held together by magnets… Read More

Judge rules against forced fingerprinting

A federal judge in Chicago has ruled against a government request which would require forced fingerprinting of private citizens in order to open a secure, personal phone or tablet. In the ruling, the judge stated that while fingerprints in and of themselves are not protected, the government’s method of obtaining the fingerprints would violate the Fourth… Read More

Apple working on bendable display screens

Apple has filed a new patent with the U.S Patent and Trademark Office which suggests that the tech giant is working on an advanced iPhone or personal device with a bendable display screen. The filing, titled ‘Electronic Devices With Soft Input-Output Components‘, outlines potential solutions for fitting stretchable LCD and OLED panels onto a consumer… Read More

UK military to ‘harden’ iPhone 7 for communicating state secrets

Despite years of federal scrutiny over its security practices including marked fallouts with the U.S. government on privacy issues, Apple is to offer its iPhone 7 as the ‘device of choice’ for the UK military’s secure communications. British telecom giant BT is said to be ‘hardening’ the Apple device in order for it to be… Read More

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