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AI model can identify breast cancer better than clinical experts – study 

Google Health has developed an AI model that can identify cancer in mammograms with greater accuracy, fewer false positives, and fewer false negatives. An artificial intelligence programme has been developed which can detect breast cancer from mammograms better than experts, a study found.

AI use ‘must be accountable and transparent’, claims the ICO

Companies planning on using artificial intelligence (AI) in their work should ensure it is “transparent and accountable”, the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) has said. The UK’s data watchdog has published its first draft regulatory guidance into the use of AI in collaboration with the Alan Turing Institute.

AI forces Go world champion to quit as it ‘cannot be defeated’

A former world champion player of strategy game Go has retired because of the rise of AI he says “cannot be defeated”. Lee Sedol said the rise of artificial intelligence left him feeling unable to regard himself as the best. In 2016, Lee Sedol lost a best-of-five series against AI software created by Google firm DeepMind.

Study reveals shoplifting risk may reduce with the introduction of human-like faces at self-service checkout

Digitised human-like faces at self-service checkouts could reduce the risk of shoplifting at supermarkets, a new study suggests. Researchers at Abertay University in Dundee developed virtual characters to examine whether their presence at tills would affect shopper behaviour.

Will AI ever be emotionally intelligent?

Being able to understand another’s emotions is undeniably a vital and defining characteristic for anyone looking to be successful in a customer-facing role.

But as we enter a new digital era, artificial intelligence (AI)-supported technology like chatbots are increasingly automating more of the customer experience. And more is on its way, from AI that can decipher good from bad calls, to machine learning that can translate phone conversations in real time.