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Australian cops crack down on crypto-crime

One of Australia’s leading policing agencies, the Australian Crime Commission (ACC), has launched an investigation into crypto currencies and their link with organised crime. According to a Reuters report, the official operation named ‘Project Longstrike’ will be monitoring “misuse of virtual currencies to facilitate criminal activity.” “Organised crime groups continue to make use of darknets… Read More

SAP to invest in Australian data centre and public sector partnerships

SAP has announced its plans to invest AUD $150mn in building up partnerships with Australian authorities and establishing a data centre in Canberra. The German tech giant revealed its pledge at a reception in Sydney today, attended by Chancellor Angela Merkel, following the G20 summit in Brisbane. The investment plan spans the next five years… Read More

Japan’s status as Asia’s most cloud ready comes under pressure from big improvers

Japan has maintained its status as the more cloud ready country in Asia but it is being increasingly challenged by big improvers from New Zealand, Australia and Thailand according to The Asia Cloud Computing Association’s (ACCA) latest Cloud Readiness Index 2014 Also on the march is The Philippines, which has now moved from bottom of… Read More

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