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IBM launches four X-Force Red cybersecurity facilities

IBM Security has launched the X-Force Red Lab network, four cybersecurity facilities focused on testing systems and devices used for IoT, automotive, and automated teller (ATM) machines. X-Force Red, IBM’s internal white-hat hacking team, will use the labs to test for security weaknesses in devices and software both in pre-release and after deployment. The labs… Read More

Blockchain-based eSport game launches presale

The world’s first blockchain-based eSport game, Gods Unchained, has begun presale of trading cards that are used in gameplay. The game uses a unique hybrid system, combining on-chain and off-chain activities to help reduce congestion on the blockchain network. Gods Unchained is a card-based battle game, similar to the IRL trading-card favorite ‘Magic: the Gathering.’… Read More

Equinix to buy Metronode data centres

Equinix has agreed to acquire Metronode’s Australian data centre properties for $1 billion AUD (approx. £570 million). The agreement, which is expected to be finalized early next year pending regulatory approval, will add ten new properties to Equinix’s data centre holdings in Australia.  With this new acquisition, Equinix will own and operate 200 data centers… Read More

Flexenclosure earns first Australian contract with Virtutel

Swedish prefabricated data centre manufacturer has been commissioned to build 20 data centres across Australia by telecoms provider Virtutel. Initially deploying in Albury, New South Wales, the Australian telecommunications firm will establish facilities in regional cities across the country, through its data centre subsidiary VirtuDC. The project is part of the company’s wider intention to establish… Read More

Metronode opens second Wollongong data centre

Australian data centre builder and operator Metronode has opened its second Wollongong facility just six months after breaking ground. The facility has hit the requirements for both the Uptime Institute Tier III certification, as well as a 4.5 rating under the Australian government environmental rating agency, NABERS. The firm is the only operator in the… Read More

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