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NextDC launches bid to buy back APDC data centres

Australian colocation and cloud services provider NextDC has announced plans to acquire remaining shares in Asia Pacific Data Centre Group (APDC) for an approximate AU $210 million (approx. £127 million). APDC’s sole assets are three data centre facilities already occupied by NextDC under long-term lease agreements – Sydney (S1), Melbourne (M1) and Perth (P1). According… Read More

Equinix to invest $42mn in Sydney data centre

Equinix has announced that it will invest a further $42 million in the Sydney SY4 data center. The Phase Two expansion of the SY4 data center will double the total capacity of the facility to 3,000 cabinets, with usable floor space of over 130,000 square feet. The Phase Two expansion is scheduled to be completed… Read More

Australia moving high-security files out of Global Switch data centres

The Australian Department of Defence has decided to move high-security files out of the Global Switch data center currently in use. The files will be transferred at the expiration of the current contract with Global Switch in 2020 and moved to government-owned data centers. Concern over Chinese ownership of Global Switch apparently led to the… Read More

Telstra acquires cloud services provider Company85

Telstra has announced that it would acquire Company85, a UK-based data center and cloud services company. With this acquisition, which was completed for an undisclosed amount, Telstra intends to expand service offerings to Australian businesses, and will also use it as a springboard for global expansion. Company85 provides infrastructure services for businesses, including data center, cloud,… Read More

Australia $36 billion broadband slower than Kenya

Australia, one of the first nations to attempt a full-country rollout of high-speed internet, has one of the slowest broadband networks globally. In a recent survey, the country’s eight-year, $36 billion investment was ranked No. 51, falling behind developing countries such as Kenya and Thailand. Telstra, the country’s leading telecommunications provider, also announced that it would… Read More

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