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Quantum research achieves 10-fold boost in superposition stability

A team of Australian researchers has developed a qubit offering ten times the stability of existing technologies. The computer scientists claim that the new innovation could significantly increase the reliability of quantum computing calculations. Qubits, or quantum bits, like standard binary bits can occupy a 0 or 1 value, but can also take a superposition… Read More

Trident subsea cable chooses Equinix for PoPs in Singapore, Australia and Jakarta

Trident’s undersea cable, anticipated for completion mid-way through 2018, will connect to Points of Presence (PoPs) in three APAC territories via Equinix. The company announced the deal on its portal yesterday, noting that the cable will have interconnection points at Equinix DC operations in Melbourne, Sydney, Jakarta and Singapore. The PoPs will facilitate cross-connections for… Read More

Australia investigates misleading or evasive broadband speed claims

An Australian consumer watchdog is calling for public submissions for a pending enquiry into evasive, vague, inexact or just plain mendacious claims made by broadband providers in regards to the broadband speeds they sell to consumers. The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) is proposing an enquiry based on a number of key issues, including… Read More

Power sharing system promises 25% boost in efficiency for data centres

Australian scientists have developed a new processing power sharing system, which could lead to a huge boost in energy efficiency for large data centres. The research team based at the Australian National University (ANU) in Canberra worked alongside Microsoft scientists to design a technique for computer operating systems which would improve efficiency in data centre environments… Read More

Australia opens world’s first VR department store

eBay, in partnership with the largest department store group in Australia, has launched the world’s first virtual reality department store. The store offers over 12,500 items for customers to examine and purchase using a smartphone app and a VR headset. The announcement made today from eBay and Myer marks the first time a major department store… Read More

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