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Microsoft Azure plays price cut catch up with Google and AWS

Microsoft Azure has followed Google’s and Amazon’s price cuts – keeping a promise to match Amazon Web Services (WS) dollar for dollar – with cuts of as much as 65%, claiming it matches or beats Amazon’s prices on most services. Microsoft said: “Consistent with our previously announced commitment to match Amazon on prices for commodity services,… Read More

Price is the under-appreciated aspect of cloud computing but how low can it go?

7/3/14 – Bernard Golden (senior director, cloud management enterprise solutions at Dell) dissects the cost structure of private and public cloud and concludes public is the big winner but is that difference reflected in the pricing? Prices from the likes of AWS keep coming down but how far can they go? This is a long… Read More

The Desktop as a Service (DaaS) price war is not necessarily a good thing for users. Here are six reasons to focus on value not price

A Citrix blog its senior director of product marketing of the desktop and applications group that responds to the recent price announcements from Amazon and VMware and assesses that low price does not equate to high value but offers some value of his own with some tips on getting the most from DaaS. Excerpt True,… Read More

US Defence agencies get approval for AWS cloud use

All four of Amazon Web Services’ (AWS) US infrastructure regions, including AWS GovCloud (US), have received a Department of Defense (DoD) provisional authorisation under the DoD Cloud Security Model (CSM) for Impact Levels 1-2. That authorises DoD agencies to use AWS’s infrastructure. “After receiving an overwhelming response from defense agencies interested in leveraging our Federal… Read More

AWS opens Windows 7 cloud to public

In opening its WorkSpaces cloud-based desktop computing environment available to the public Amazon Web Services (AWS) is giving cloud users a “complete Windows 7 experience” AWS first showed the concept at its re:Invent conference last Autumn. Amazon’s chief evangelist, Jeff Barr, said on his blog it would “meet the needs of a diverse user base by… Read More

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