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Amazon branded “dirtiest” web firm – major rejects “inaccurate data”

Environmental campaign group Greenpeace has slated Amazon Web Services (AWS) as “the dirtiest and least transparent” web firm, saying it is “far behind its major competitors, with zero reporting of its energy or environmental footprint to any source or stakeholder.” The cloud major has reacted angrily to the claims slamming Greenpeace’s US arm’s report Clicking… Read More

Paul Miller – Sometimes, free is too cheap

Cloud providers keep dropping their prices. Almost every day another one of them is announcing a new saving for the customer. The price charged for some cloud services, especially in the consumer space, is heading towards £0, but, asks Paul Miller, how likely are we to see similar strategies in the business world? According to… Read More

Paul Miller: Price cuts are nice, but certainly not the whole story

The leading providers of cloud infrastructure appear committed to following one another in a race to the bottom on pricing. Customers should welcome the latest round of price cuts says Paul Miller but also recognise that there’s more to choosing a cloud provider than what it costs. Microsoft did as everyone expected earlier this week, joining… Read More

Infor’s CEO Charles Phillips talks cloud, UI, and industry focus

Charles Phillips, CEO at Infor, discusses cloud strategy with Larry Dignan of ZDNet following the organisation’s recent partnerships with Amazon Web Services, Red Hat, and EnterpriseDB. Dignan sees Infor as now offering a real alternative to Oracle and SAP, and highlights aspects of the company’s approach which he believes are key to its success. Excerpt“Infor… Read More

Cloudreach set for European expansion

Services provider Cloudreach announced at Cloud Expo Europe 2014 that its next big projects encompass its European expansion, pushing customers towards Amazon Web Services (AWS). To a degree this has already begun as the company established itself in the Netherlands during 2013, and a year later it hopes to set up new offices. The firm… Read More

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