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Equinix moves to unleash potential of high performance hybrid cloud

Leading data centre operator Equinix is to offer an interconnection solution that allows ‘seamless, on-demand and direct access’ to multiple clouds and networks across the globe. Called Equinix Cloud Exchange, it brings together the automated interconnection of cloud, network and managed service providers and advanced service orchestration to let cloud consumers create automatic, private, high-performance connections… Read More

Tweet: Amazon joins other web giants in trying to design its own chips

Nice piece of journalistic work from Stacey Higgingbotham and the team at GigaOm that concludes that Amazon is turning its hand to chip design. It has reportedly been recruiting designers from Calxeda, an ARM-based server start-up in Austin, Texas that closed last year. Plus it is advertising on LinkedIn for its Silicon Optimization team (in Austin) that… Read More

If software is eating the world then NFV will be eating networking

Customisation used to mean expensive bespoke systems but in the world of software defining and software implementing, things have changed particularly for the hyperscale service providers. Chris Swan asks if their innovations will come through to normal users and if it will be worth the wait? It’s almost three years since Marc Andreesen wrote Why… Read More

Amazon branded “dirtiest” web firm – major rejects “inaccurate data”

Environmental campaign group Greenpeace has slated Amazon Web Services (AWS) as “the dirtiest and least transparent” web firm, saying it is “far behind its major competitors, with zero reporting of its energy or environmental footprint to any source or stakeholder.” The cloud major has reacted angrily to the claims slamming Greenpeace’s US arm’s report Clicking… Read More

Paul Miller – Sometimes, free is too cheap

Cloud providers keep dropping their prices. Almost every day another one of them is announcing a new saving for the customer. The price charged for some cloud services, especially in the consumer space, is heading towards £0, but, asks Paul Miller, how likely are we to see similar strategies in the business world? According to… Read More

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