Latest Azure publications

Microsoft Azure releases Event Grid for event-based apps

Microsoft Azure is releasing Event Grid, a fully-managed event routing service which Microsoft claims is the first of its type. The tool aims to simplify the creation of event-based applications and serverless workflows. According to Microsoft, the new Azure Event Grid is able to manage all event routing, from any source, to any destination, for… Read More

Microsoft acquires Cycle Computing for cloud HPC services

Microsoft has bought Cycle Computing for an undisclosed sum, in a move that will secure more customers for Azure, and likely take some away from AWS and Google. Cycle has played an integral role in the development of cloud computing, in particular in the running of large apps for businesses. Its products have been used… Read More

Microsoft updates Azure Log Analytics

Microsoft has announced a new update for its Azure Log Analytics service which offers search, analytics, and insight tools. The upgrade delivers an interactive query language and advanced analytics portal, powered by a scalable data store similar to Azure Application Insights. According to a blog post, it is the biggest Azure Log Analytics update since… Read More

Microsoft Azure releases new, simplified container service

Microsoft Azure has released a new container service, which it describes as the very first of its kind. Azure Container Instances, according to Microsoft, will be able to deliver a single container in seconds, and is billed by the second. As such, the Azure team describes it as the ‘fastest and easiest way to run… Read More

Talend accelerates big data pipeline development for MS Azure

Talend has released new connectors for Talend Data Fabric to provide customers with accelerated data migration to the Microsoft Azure cloud. The new Talend Data Fabric connectors are intended to enable customers to build intelligent, scalable data pipelines for real-time big data analytics in the cloud. Talend Data Fabric previously connected customers to Microsoft Azure… Read More

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