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Google cuts Compute Engine costs in ongoing cloud price war

Google announced yesterday its plans to significantly reduce the cost of its cloud services, fuelling yet again the ongoing pricing war between rival providers, such as Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure. The deal, revealed over Google’s Atmosphere Live webcast, consists of a 10 per cent reduction in price for all its Compute Engine instances… Read More

Deutsche Bank funds £50mn expansion of Virtus Data Centres

London-based Virtus Data Centres has added a £50mn investment boost from Deutsche Bank to its funding portfolio. Though the additional capital is intended to ‘drive business growth’, it is not yet clear whether it will be used to develop or augment existing infrastructure in the company’s Enfield and Hayes locations, to construct new facilities or to… Read More

Does open source empower open cloud?

Richard Morrell, Red Hat’s cloud and open source evangelist, peers over his glasses at a school of thought that’s gathering momentum. First up, for the sake of being open, I need to take an opportunity to point out that for 17 years I’ve taken a salary from working in open source. Secondly, I head up… Read More

Paul Miller – Sometimes, free is too cheap

Cloud providers keep dropping their prices. Almost every day another one of them is announcing a new saving for the customer. The price charged for some cloud services, especially in the consumer space, is heading towards £0, but, asks Paul Miller, how likely are we to see similar strategies in the business world? According to… Read More

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