Latest Azure publications

Azure adds data protection infrastructure to data centres

Azure has announced a public preview of data centre-based virtual machines in US and Europe that protect data confidentiality. The announcement is part of Azure’s “confidential computing” project. With the project, Azure hopes to become the first cloud platform to enable new data security capabilities that protect customer data while in use, rest, or in transit. Azure… Read More

Azure data centres to power new Xbox streaming service

Microsoft has announced Project xCloud, a new game streaming service that allows gamers to play Xbox games on a range of compatible devices. Any content provider knows that making content available across a full range of devices is necessary in order reach to a wide user base. While cloud solutions that permit gaming outside of the… Read More

Metropolitan Police signs deal to move towards digital-focused cloud system

The Metropolitan Police has signed a two-year deal with New Signature that will see its data transferred to a cloud-based system. The contract with New Signature, a specialist and reseller of Microsoft Azure to large-scale companies, is part of a new plan to take the Met’s data online in a digital strategy outlined in the… Read More

Microsoft announces Azure Stack for government

Microsoft has announced the availability of Microsoft Azure Stack for Azure Government customers. This announcement comes in the midst of a battle among top cloud providers to win the $10 billion Pentagon JEDI contract. With the new offering, Azure Stack can be integrated with the Azure government, providing customers with a hybrid cloud solution for… Read More

Azure IoT Edge now generally available, open sourced

Azure has made its IoT Edge offering globally available and made it open source and available on GitHub, which Microsoft recently acquired. The IoT Edge product, from Microsoft’s cloud division, was first released around a year ago, and has seen success in a variety of industries, according to Azure. Now, the company has made it… Read More

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