Latest Azure publications

Microsoft announces Azure Stack for government

Microsoft has announced the availability of Microsoft Azure Stack for Azure Government customers. This announcement comes in the midst of a battle among top cloud providers to win the $10 billion Pentagon JEDI contract. With the new offering, Azure Stack can be integrated with the Azure government, providing customers with a hybrid cloud solution for… Read More

Azure IoT Edge now generally available, open sourced

Azure has made its IoT Edge offering globally available and made it open source and available on GitHub, which Microsoft recently acquired. The IoT Edge product, from Microsoft’s cloud division, was first released around a year ago, and has seen success in a variety of industries, according to Azure. Now, the company has made it… Read More

Azure Standard SSD marks middle ground for VMs

Azure Standard SSD was released in preview today to give Azure customers cheaper access to solid-state drives for their virtual machines. The new Azure Standard SSD, which sits between its Standard HDD and Premium SSD products in terms of performance and pricing, is for those who need durable storage for Azure virtual machines. The disks,… Read More

Serverless containers now available through Azure

Development teams that don’t want to manage virtual machines now have the option of running serverless containers thanks to Azure Container Instances (ACI). ACI is now generally available and will allow customers to deploy containers without needing to look after the virtual machines (VMs) on which they sit. Serverless computing is something of a misnomer,… Read More

Microsoft partners with CNH Industrial on smart vehicles

Agricultural and industrial vehicle manufacturer CNH Industrial will be using Microsoft Azure to gather data and create a new generation of connected vehicles. The CNH Industrial Service Delivery Platform, powered by Azure, will make it easier for users to access vehicle data, with the intention of improving efficiency, productivity and predictive maintenance. CNH owns major… Read More

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