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Dispelling the doubts on Li-Ion UPS battery storage

Data centre managers still have their misgivings over the practicalities of demand-side response and energy storage. Riello UPS’s Leo Craig argues the perceived risks are far outweighed by the potential rewards and claims its time operators learn to take advantage of the benefits of lithium-ion UPS battery storage. Reports reveal that more than three-quarters (77%)… Read More

Huawei announces ground-breaking graphene-assisted Li-on battery

Huawei has announced a significant breakthrough in heat-resistant, long-life Lithium Ion (Li-on) battery technology, with a new prototype that can remain functional at environmental conditions up to 60°C (10°C higher than previously attained in Li-on research), with the promise of notably extended battery life for IoT-based field packs. The global telecommunications and networking company, based… Read More

White paper: Disaster Recovery in Virtualised Environments

In today’s always-on, information-driven organizations, business continuity depends completely on IT infrastructures that are up and running 24/7. The costs of downtime are huge and data loss can put a company out of business. Data loss is not only caused by natural disasters, power outages, hardware failure and user errors, but more and more by… Read More

White paper: Why Li-ion is becoming increasingly attractive for data centre applications

While traditional Valve-Regulated Lead Acid (VRLA) batteries have been the preferred choice for use in backup power supplies for data centre, offering a better trade off between price, energy density, power, safety, and reliability, decreasing costs now mean that Lithium-ion alternatives could, in fact, provide greater benefits over a system’s lifetime. Driven by a growing… Read More

Fungi to help recycle precious metals from waste batteries

Members of the American Chemical Society (ACS) have designed a new way to extract valuable metals from waste batteries, using three strains of naturally-occurring fungi. The fungal property which was of particular interest to the researchers was the material’s strong ability to deal with heavy metals. Fungi are resilient, abundant and are quick to replicate, as… Read More

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