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How the UK will approach artificial intelligence job disruption

The UK technology sector will have to lose its fear of failure and embrace the artificial intelligence revolution, the Minister for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport has argued. Matt Hancock MP, speaking at the CogX event in London, said that more firms should take the ‘fail fast’ approach embraced by so many technology organisations around… Read More

Autonomous vehicles: the human approach

Autonomous vehicles are not yet safe. News broke recently that the autopilot in a Tesla involved in a fatal crash caused the car to speed up towards a barrier. The car, carrying 38-year-old Apple engineer Wei Huang, who later died in hospital, went from 62mph to 70.8mph in the three seconds leading up to the… Read More

Chancellor Merkel proposes tax on big data

German Chancellor Angela Merkel proposed a big data tax that would treat data as a raw material used in production at this week’s Global Solutions policy forum in Berlin. The proposed reform is intended to reduce tax disparities between digital and traditional companies. “The pricing of data, particularly the data of consumers, is the central… Read More

SoftBank gets machine learning help from Ericsson

Ericsson has created a machine learning based product to help SoftBank’s radio access network design in Japan. The product, which Ericsson sells as a service, improves radio access network design by grouping cells in clusters and taking data from these cells. Employing machine learning on these datasets, it looks at cell overlapping and carrier aggregation… Read More

How data will build the factories of the future

With the continuing rise of robotics and automation on the factory floor, it’s not just UK manufacturing that needs to get to grips with these technological advances. Leo Craig, General Manager of Riello UPS, explains impact Industry 4.0 will have on the data centre and power protection sectors too. ‘Made Smarter’, the Government’s industry-led review… Read More

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