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Power Block Coin to invest $251M in Montana data centre

Utah-based Power Block Coin, LLC, intends to invest $251 million (approx. £180 million) in an industrial park located near Butte, Montana. Formerly one of the major international centres for copper mining, Butte may become home to a new kind of mining – cryptocurrency. The company intends to add 135MW of power to the campus, putting… Read More

Cryptocurrency trading set to be banned in South Korea

Officials in South Korea have said they will ban cryptocurrency trading in the country, causing prices to plummet. Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum are traded through exchanges, some of which have recently been raided by authorities after allegations of tax evasion. The impact on the worldwide price of notable virtual currencies was immediate, with… Read More

Bitcoin firms to pay $10 million for Ponzi scheme

The U.S. District Court has issued a final judgement against two Connecticut-based bitcoin mining companies, ruling that each was run as a Ponzi scheme. GAW Miners and ZenMiner must each pay $10.3 million in disgorgement and prejudgment interest, in addition to a civil penalty of $1 million. Both GAW Miners and ZenMiner were founded by… Read More

EU report raises FinTech, blockchain concerns

A joint committee for the EU has released a report on Risks and Vulnerabilities in the EU Financial System, in which cybersecurity, including the rising use of blockchain technology, is marked as a major concern for the financial sector. One of the problems facing financial institutions is the increase in the adoption of mobile technology and the… Read More

New system increases anonymity for bitcoin transactions

Researchers from the U.S. have developed a system to increase the anonymity of parties involved in bitcoin transactions, using a mixing service to make it more difficult to track individuals sending and receiving bitcoin payments. The new system, called TumbleBit, is a computer protocol that uses a mixing service layered on top of existing bitcoin… Read More

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