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Samsung starts mass production of 10nm chips

Samsung has announced that it has begun mass-production of its 10-nanometre chips, claiming to be the first semiconductor manufacturer to start building the technology on a commercial scale. While the Korean electronics giant did not mention who it is producing the transistors for, South Korea’s Electronic Times reported that the deal is to manufacture Qualcomm’s… Read More

Law-defying transistor smashes industry ‘limit’, measures just 1nm

U.S. researchers have unveiled the world’s smallest transistor reported to date, combining a new mix of materials, which makes even the tiniest silicon-based transistor appear ginormous in comparison. The team, led by the U.S. Department of Energy’s Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, designed the minuscule transistor with a working one-nanometre gate – far surpassing any industry… Read More

Intel begins shipping Stratix 10 FPGA chip samples

Intel has begun shipping samples of its new Stratix 10 programmable chips, targeting customers looking to boost performance in data centres and cloud and web-scale environments dealing in fast processing and heavy data workloads. In an official blog post, Dan McNamara, Intel’s corporate VP and general manager of the Programmable Solutions Group, noted how his unit… Read More

Self-checking chip hunts out its own defects, signs of sabotage

In a bid to mitigate risks from malicious circuitry, researchers have designed a chip solution which comprises an embedded module to verify calculations and an external module to validate initial proofs. Concerned with the opportunities for bad actors to manipulate circuitry along the chip supply chain, Siddharth Garg, an electrical and computer engineering professor at… Read More

Intel ships first Silicon Photonics products for data centres

After more than 15 years in research and development, Intel has finally announced the launch of its bandwidth-slimming Silicon Photonics technology. The final offering, presented at the Intel Developer Forum in San Francisco, has entered volume production and is now shipping in the form of two 100G optical transceivers. Head of Intel’s data centre group… Read More

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