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Qualcomm to manufacture custom chips for Chinese market

Qualcomm president Derek Aberle has suggested that the semiconductor giant is preparing to produce its own custom chips for the Chinese market. A Wall Street Journal interview with Aberle revealed that the American company had entered into a joint venture with the local government in Guizhou province to manufacture custom chips starting in the second… Read More

Magnetic chip breakthrough could boost computer energy efficiency

A revolutionary step in thermodynamics research holds the potential to dramatically reduce the power consumption of modern computers and mobile devices. Engineers at the University of California, Berkeley, have proved that magnetic computer chips can operate with the lowest possible level of energy dissipation, achieving reductions of as much as one millionth the amount of energy… Read More

Smart chip could lead to safer, wireless brain implants

A team of scientists has developed a tiny smart chip capable of attaching to neural implants, and facilitating the wireless transmission of brain signals. Neural implants embedded in the brain can alleviate some of the symptoms of diseases such as Parkinson’s, as well as supporting the movement of prosthetic limbs. However, their use has been restricted… Read More

IBM looks beyond silicon for new era of cloud and big data

IBM is to invest $3bn over the next five years developing microchip technology for the new age of cloud computing and big data. The giant said it was driving two broad programmes of research and development.   Its first is aimed at what it calls ‘7 nanometer (nm) and beyond’ to address the silicon chip’s… Read More

Tweet: Amazon joins other web giants in trying to design its own chips

Nice piece of journalistic work from Stacey Higgingbotham and the team at GigaOm that concludes that Amazon is turning its hand to chip design. It has reportedly been recruiting designers from Calxeda, an ARM-based server start-up in Austin, Texas that closed last year. Plus it is advertising on LinkedIn for its Silicon Optimization team (in Austin) that… Read More

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