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Cisco Data Center software includes remote access flaw

Cisco has released a patch to a recently-discovered security flaw in the Data Center Network Manager software. The Data Center Network Manager (DCNM) software is used to manage switches and routers connected through LAN and SAN environments, including the Cisco Nexus switches and MDS enterprise SAN switches. The vulnerability affects DCNM versions 11.0 or later,… Read More

Google Cloud and Cisco partner for hybrid containers solution

Google Cloud Platform (GCP) and Cisco have announced a partnership for a new open hybrid cloud solution for on-premises and GCP. Google hopes the partnership will improve agility and security for customers, with a solution for creating and managing applications both on-premises and in Google Cloud. Key to the architecture are open source platforms Kubernetes… Read More

Cisco announces updates to Application Centric Infrastructure capabilities

Cisco has announced an update to its industry-leading software-defined networking (SDN) solution, Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI). The update hopes to create a more seamless process for customers adopting intent-based networking for their data centres. With added network automation agility, better container security and simplified management, Cisco hopes that the new developments (ACI 3.0) along with public cloud integration will allow… Read More

Cisco plans to acquire hyperconvergence software startup Springpath

Networking giant Cisco has announced its intention to acquire Springpath, a leader in the hyperconvergence software space. Springpath, based in Sunnyvale, California, was founded by Mallik Mahalingam and Krishna Yadappanavar, both former senior engineers at VMware. The acquisition marks the culmination of a long-standing relationship between the two firms which began in 2012 when Cisco’s investment team first… Read More

Cisco Meraki suffers data loss caused by human error

Cisco’s cloud management company Meraki has suffered a data breach caused by a staff error. Meraki’s engineering team made a configuration change on August 3rd that applied a policy to the company’s North American object storage service. The erroneous policy caused particular types of data that had been uploaded before 11:20 am Pacific Time (PT)… Read More

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