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Cloud Expo Asia: Cloud management in the multi-cloud era

How can organizations manage the cloud effectively and future-proof a multi-cloud strategy? Agatha Poon, research director at 451 Research, breaks down the unforeseen complexities of hybrid IT.

Learn how to build and manage a multicloud environment with IBM at Cloud Expo Europe 2019

Simon Edward, Vice President, Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) and Client Advocacy Leader, IBM UK and Ireland explains how Big Blue helps enterprises navigate increasingly complex cloud environments. Join Cloud Expo Europe Headline Sponsor IBM throughout the show to discover the benefits of multicloud and to learn how to move, build and manage a multicloud environment…. Read More

The edge is forcing us to rethink data centre management

Chi Sen Gay, head of data centre software solutions, APJ & EMEA, at Schneider Electric argues a cloud-based management system is required to manage today’s complex and distributed IT ecosystems With the exponential growth of data, the rise of IoT and the increasing adoption of cloud applications, the data centre industry is experiencing tremendous disruption. We… Read More

Q&A: Why Reserved Instance optimisation is the future of cloud cost management

Frank Wang, Product Marketing Manager for Densify, explains the challenges of cloud cost management, how Reserved Instances (RI) can help cut costs, and what businesses should consider before committing to an RI offering. Why is cloud cost management becoming such a headache for enterprise customers? Cloud operations teams are stuck between a finance department seeking… Read More

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