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Stephane Estevez: Is the cloud safe enough to outsource HPC projects?

It is possible to outsource a high performance computing project but does it make sense for your project? Stephane Estevez, senior product marketing manager at Quantum, investigates Let’s be pragmatic, almost everything can be outsourced even high-performance computing (HPC) projects. But the resulting cost to meet specific requirements can be astronomical. It is possible to… Read More

Want to get a new job in cloud? IBM has 3000 of them.

As well as selling off its mid range server division, IBM also recently announced a $1bn investment in cloud research and development and $1.2bn in its Watson cognitive computing programme as part of what it calls an aggressive transformation. To further help that along it has announced it is recruiting for 3000 positions (the majority… Read More

SAP to power its cloud computing infrastructure from 100% renewable energy – what about the rest?

OK.  So, we should own up; the cloud is no greener than on premise computing if it is still powered by carbon. But SAP has at least made a commitment that all its cloud infrastructure – or data centres – will be powered from renewable sources. In this blog GreenMonk’s Tom Raftery assesses what the… Read More

Fear of data leakage drives businesses to private rather than public cloud

Almost two in every three enterprises would prefer private cloud storage solutions over public cloud. That’s according to a new research study of 200 IT professionals conducted in early 2014 by independent panel research firm Research Now. It found organisations are racing to establish contemporary cloud storage solutions that they can control. Of organisations that… Read More

Operator offers customers cloud marketplace

Storage and information management firm, Iron Mountain has created a Data Center Marketplace for customers to shop around for products and services from pre-approved cloud service providers already on Mountain Platform insfrastructure. Iron Mountain claims to offer a neutral platform, “enabling faster implementation times without compromising security and compliance requirements”. The firm says its Marketplace provides… Read More

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