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Singapore colocation market to reach over $1bn by 2016

The Singaporean colocation market is experiencing a boom period and is set to surpass $1.2bn (approx. £770mn) in revenue next year, according to a market valuation study conducted by analysts Structure Research. Thanks to its geographical proximity to China, its political stability and a business-friendly regulatory policy, Singapore has grown as a key data centre and… Read More

Volta launches first UK ‘pay by the hour’ data centre

Volta Data Centre, the London-based developer and operator, has launched a new pay-per-use model which it hopes will encourage early cloud and colocation adopters. The ‘Power by the Hour’ scheme is the first initiative offered by a UK data centre to provide an affordable and non-committal utility-based package for companies adopting cloud or outsourcing to… Read More

C7 sues Bitcoin mining firm for unpaid data centre services

Data centre provider C7 has filed a lawsuit against its customer CoinTerra after the bitcoin mining firm has reportedly not been paying its bills for its data centre services. The data centre company is demanding $5.4mn (approx. £3.6mn) in damages, court fees and related costs. The case comes at a time of great instability for… Read More

Bitcoin hardware company to build data centre near Arctic Circle

Sweden’s ‘Node Pole’ is becoming a vogue destination for data centres, with Facebook a resident and Bitcoin hardware company KnC Miner announcing now that it will build a 20mw data centre in the chilly data colony at Boden. The new centre is to be called ‘Boden 2’, and brings the KnC Miner footprint up to 161000 square… Read More

Interoute abolishes colocation charges, campaigns against ‘unfair’ tax

London-based telecommunications company Interoute, the largest cloud services platform in Europe, has announced that it will no longer charge customers for ‘patches’ (static data centre cables). It’s not a mere competitive sop – Interoute is conducting a vigorous campaign, including a video which demonstrates how little customers actually receive for paying this charge, in a movement to… Read More

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