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Nokia and Vodafone trialling Cloud RAN innovations

Finnish communications giant Nokia has announced a recent collaboration with British telco Vodafone to trial its cloud-based radio access network (Cloud RAN) technology. At Vodafone’s testing facility in Italy, the companies put the macro network innovation through various trials to evaluate how it could support operator transition from 4G to 5G services and IoT. A… Read More

Why the data centre needs a 400G upgrade

Michael Adams, EMEA Director at Panduit, argues why data centres need to look to a 400G future to meet ever more demanding bandwidth and latency requirements… As demand continues to grow for storage capacity and zero latency, today’s data centres are not equipped to guarantee performance in terms of bandwidth. While more fibre is being… Read More

Broadband reaches rural Scotland via TV white space

TV ‘white space’ freed up by the move to digital has allowed for a wider broadband extension into rural areas of Scotland. Residents of the remote Isle of Arran will be the first to benefit [paywall] from the wireless spectrum capacity. The island has long struggled with poor broadband connection – a huge problem when supporting… Read More

Google and Facebook to build fastest trans-Pacific submarine network

Internet giants Google and Facebook have teamed up to invest in an undersea fibre optic cable network connecting Los Angeles and Hong Kong – in what is expected to be the fastest ever trans-Pacific submarine connection. The new Pacific Light Cable Network (PLCN), which will span almost 12,800km between the two cities, is scheduled to… Read More

Facebook returns to India WiFi provision after Free Basics ban

After completing a pilot program, Facebook is now in talks with Indian ISPs to roll out a commercial launch of Express WiFi. Facebook’s Express WiFi uses public hotspots to provide reliable internet in rural areas where infrastructure is lacking. The initial testing of 125 Express WiFi hotspots was completed with the assistance of the state-run… Read More

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