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Facebook returns to India WiFi provision after Free Basics ban

After completing a pilot program, Facebook is now in talks with Indian ISPs to roll out a commercial launch of Express WiFi. Facebook’s Express WiFi uses public hotspots to provide reliable internet in rural areas where infrastructure is lacking. The initial testing of 125 Express WiFi hotspots was completed with the assistance of the state-run… Read More

Australia investigates misleading or evasive broadband speed claims

An Australian consumer watchdog is calling for public submissions for a pending enquiry into evasive, vague, inexact or just plain mendacious claims made by broadband providers in regards to the broadband speeds they sell to consumers. The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) is proposing an enquiry based on a number of key issues, including… Read More

Google accused of stealing balloon network tech behind Project Loon

Google’s new parent company Alphabet has found itself faced with a lawsuit this week, which claims that the tech giant stole the idea behind its Wi-Fi-emitting balloon network, Project Loon. The Space Data Corporation of Chandler, Arizona, filed the suit [PDF] earlier this week and is arguing that it currently holds patents for a balloon-based system… Read More

Facebook developing radio wave mesh to connect offline areas

As part of its wider Internet.org initiative to deliver connectivity to poor and rural communities, Facebook is actively developing a new network technology which uses millimetre wave bands to transmit data. The project is similar to, and has potential to conflict with, that of Chaitanya Kanojia, former CEO of Aereo, whose new company Starry is… Read More

Jaguar Land Rover to test autonomous cars in ‘living lab’

British automaker Jaguar Land Rover has announced its £5.5 million investment in a ‘living lab’ for the testing and development of connected and self-driving car technologies. The UK Connected Intelligent Transport Environment (CITE) will span 41-miles of public roads around Coventry and Solihull, and will be used to test new connected and autonomous vehicle (CAV)… Read More

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