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Civil construction wipes out internet connectivity across Africa

Submarine cable operator Seacom has today announced that civil construction activity in Egypt was the cause of widespread outages which left large parts of Africa without internet connectivity yesterday. According to the firm, its Northern Trans-Egypt cable was damaged between Cairo and Alexandria, and the Southern Trans-Egypt route was also disrupted outside of Cairo. The… Read More

Wi-Fi under threat from ‘100 times faster’, more secure Li-Fi

Results of recent research has confirmed Li-Fi, a super-fast data transmitting technology, is 100 times faster than conventional Wi-Fi internet communication. The tests carried out by Estonian startup Velmenni, based in the capital city Tallinn, demonstrated that Li-Fi, which uses light to transmit data through the air, was incredibly fast in both office and industrial… Read More

Indonesian satellite deal to patch broadband coverage across archipelago

Kacific Broadband Satellites, a startup operating satellites in Asia Pacific, has today announced a new partnership with Indonesian satellite provider BigNet. The deal, which closed at $78mn (approx. £50mn), aims to increase broadband connectivity across Indonesia, using satellite signals to cover the nation’s entire archipelago of 17,000 islands with a particular focus on the developing… Read More

Obama announces e-book scheme for low-income communities

The White House has today launched an initiative encouraging top book publishers to supply $250mn (approx. £160mn) worth of free e-books to low-income students. Partnering with local governments and schools nationwide, President Obama hopes that the e-book scheme will support low-income households who significantly trail the national average for computer ownership and digital connectivity. At Anacostia Library… Read More

Blackberry establishes new security measures for IoT devices

Blackberry subsidiary Certicom has announced the launch of a new managed public key infrastructure (M-PKI) solution to help secure millions of connected devices, such as smart cars and wearables, as part of its Internet of Things (IoT) strategy. According to the public key infrastructure specialists, the new package will allow businesses to better verify and secure… Read More

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