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LED technology could boost WiFi speeds up to ten time

Researchers at Oregon University have developed a new LED technology which has the potential to increase WiFi bandwidth by ten times. The engineering team hopes that the technology could help solve bandwidth problems caused by overcrowding and multimedia streaming. The system could for example be integrated with existing WiFi systems at events, in coffee shops, at airport… Read More

Indosat partners with Facebook to deliver free internet in Indonesia

Ooredoo Group’s Indonesian branch Indosat has today announced a partnership with Facebook to launch the social media giant’s Internet.org initiative in the region, offering free internet services to Indonesians. Forming part of the national programme ‘Internet Tanpa Pulsa Untuk Semua’, the Indosat and Facebook alliance will see easy and free internet access offered across Indonesia. “Indonesia’s… Read More

BT extends cybersecurity offering to connected cars

BT has today launched ‘Assure Ethical Hacking for Vehicles’, a new ethical hacking service to help improve the security of connected cars, reducing their exposure to cyberattacks and supporting the automotive industry in developing solutions to tackle the threat. Whether for personal or commercial use, vehicles are becoming increasingly ‘smarter’ and offer a range of… Read More

Outernet brings digital content to world’s most isolated communities

Outernet, a small U.S.-based broadcast company, has launched its first digital library in Kenya today as it embarks on its mission to make information accessible to everyone, even in the most remote locations. Using satellites Outernet is able to transfer information to on-land receivers; either community hubs named Pillar, or smaller portable receivers called Lantern… Read More

UBS selects Juniper to network global data centres

Juniper Networks has won a contract from global financial services firm UBS to build a “next generation enterprise data centre network infrastructure”. Under the deal Juniper will build a “carrier-class, ultra-scalable, network architecture” for the financial services giant. Its networking architecture will form the backbone of a plan to virtualise UBS data centre network across… Read More

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