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Uncovering the hidden costs of data centre cooling
STULZ UK’s Johnathan Attwood warns that environmental regulation is increasing the cost of conventional cooling approaches widely used by the data centre sector. How can operators reduce their OPEX and improve their green credentials? There is a need for increased education in the data centre sector on the different cooling options available and their implications... Read More

Schneider Electric launches 30kW in-row DX cooling unit

Energy management giant releases in-row cooling unit for the next-generation of small and medium data centres Schneider Electric has launched a 30kW in-row cooling unit designed to address the need for dedicated high-density rack cooling. The compact 30kW “InRow DX” unit is designed for data centres that are being modernised or retrofitted, or where IT… Read More

US cannabis industry clamouring for data centre high-grade

US design and engineering consultancy PlanNet says its green footprint is in full bloom It’s well known that the benefits of data centre tech innovations are not confined to the IT sector. Uninterruptible power supplies for one, are essential in just about any scenario where unexpected power disruption can result in deaths, injuries or business… Read More

The benefits of increasing temperature on energy efficiency

New research from Schneider Electric finds turning up the temperature can lower data centre PUE to provide energy savings of up to 64%. Energy efficiency requires a continual focus for both data centre designers and operators seeking to reduce costs and improve returns on investment (ROI). The drivers are many, including concerns for environmental impact… Read More

Lenovo ‘Neptune’ cooling aims for God-like efficiency

Lenovo has introduced a three-pronged approach to liquid cooling with ‘Neptune’, which it says can improve data centre efficiency by 50%. Neptune, which the firm says is neither hardware nor software, but rather an ‘approach’ to liquid cooling, combines Direct to Node (DTN) warm water cooling, rear door heat exchangers, and a hybrid combination of… Read More

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