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Research investigates link between cybercrime and autistic traits

A new study is seeking to investigate the connections between cybercrime and autistic-like personality traits – a link which remains contested and unproven. The project will see the University of Bath’s Centre for Applied Autism Research, the charity Research Autism and the cybercrime unit of the National Crime Agency (NCA) examine the prevalence of autism… Read More

Hitachi develops AI for real-time people detection and tracking

Researchers at Japanese multinational Hitachi are developing a new image analysis system using artificial intelligence (AI) to detect and track individuals in real-time. The team explained in a news release that the detection software can pick out an individual in real-time by categorising and searching a combination of over 100 external appearance and movement features,… Read More

UK police force recruiting 24-hour drone unit to fight crime

Police in the south-west of England are set to launch a new drone unit this summer which aims to help tackle crime – an initiative which could soon be mirrored across the UK. Amid warnings of a national shortage of detectives, Devon and Cornwall Police hope that the 24-hour team will support police officers during… Read More

Arizona fails to criminalise blockchain-based weapons fire technologies

The most pro-gun state in the U.S. has apparently been blocked in its latest attempt to muzzle new blockchain-based technologies which could make gun owners accountable for every shot they fire. The bill was introduced last month by Arizona state representative Paul Boyer, and seemed set to pass through legislative hurdles with ease until hitting… Read More

Heat traces left by fingers can reveal your smartphone PIN

Criminals can extract a smartphone PIN  directly from the screen using the heat signature left by a user’s fingers, warns new research. A team of computer scientists from the University of Stuttgart and Ludwig Maximillian University has shown that thermal imaging techniques can reveal which parts of the screen were tapped or swiped, even if… Read More

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