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New gadget can clone 15 contactless cards a second

A new scanner device is being sold on the black market to thieves looking to steal personal information from contactless payment cards, including bank account details, names and addresses. The gadget is able to capture credit and debit card numbers, and can read other personal information displayed on the cards. In some cases, mini-statements can… Read More

Anti-gun group creates Chrome extension to erase killers from the internet

U.S.-based anti-gun campaigners have created an extension for Google Chrome which is designed to stop perpetrators of gun violence from achieving the traditional notoriety associated with brutal crimes – by obscuring their names and images from major news sites and Google search results. The ‘Zero Minutes of Fame’ extension, released by the Brady Campaign To… Read More

UK police chief advises banks not to compensate online fraud victims

Metropolitan police commissioner Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe has said that banks should not compensate consumers who lose money as a result of cybercrime, in an effort to encourage users to take responsibility for their own cyber-security. Speaking to The Times, Hogan-Howe posited that people could be made more security-conscious if the security net of automatic compensation… Read More

Japanese court demands ‘right to be forgotten’ for sex offender

A Tokyo court has ordered that Google remove any results linked to the arrest of a man, after a judge ruled that he deserves to rebuild his life ‘unhindered’ by online records of his criminal history. Citing the right to be forgotten, the Saitma district court demanded the removal of all personal information online related… Read More

High-tech attack alert for 2016 Super Bowl

The forthcoming Super Bowl event on 7th February could be at risk of a high-tech attack against fans both inside and outside the San Francisco 49ers Stadium. A security memo issued by the FBI and the Department of Homeland Security has warned that the annual game could be a target not just at the stadium,… Read More

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