Latest cybercrime publications

How to have your cloud and eat it

Paul Ducklin, senior technologist at Sophos, discusses how to ‘have your cloud and eat it.’ You might be wondering: why is a company like Sophos, which some people still think of as “the big UK anti-virus company”, interested in a cloud expo? After all, isn’t anti-virus (even though it has been about a whole lot… Read More

Avoiding an Orwellian future through effective regulation

Eve Salomon, Chair of Privacy International, has spent her career upholding individual rights through regulation and law. Now, in an age of unparalleled technological advancement and the ever-increasing flow of personal data, she is working to protect individuals from both corporations and the government. Here she speaks to The Stack about what the newest waves of… Read More

Cybercrime and the scale of justice

John Bensalhia interviews Ben Russell, Head of Threat Response of the National Crime Agency’s National Cyber Crime Unit, and finds out the work carried out at the NCA and why cyber crimes should be instantly reported Here’s a question: if your house was burgled, what’s the first thing that you would do? The likely answer… Read More

Winter Olympics hit by cyber attack during opening ceremony

The Pyeongchang Winter Olympics was the target of a cyber attack that downed its website and internet and television services during the Games’ opening ceremony. Officials in charge of the event, which is being held in South Korea and holds political significance for relations between North and South Korea, have refused to reveal the source… Read More

Artificial intelligence could help stop online child abuse

Artificial intelligence could play a part in tackling the problem of online child abuse, according to a report from think tank Demos. The report argues that resources should focus on prevention at the source rather than on individual, low-level offenders. It states that one way this could be done is by analysing child sexual abuse… Read More

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