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Ticket tout bots criminalised by UK government

Touts using bots to buy concert tickets and resell them for profit are facing a crackdown thanks to new legislation. The new regulation introduced by the UK government will make it a criminal offence to use automated software and bots to purchase tickets. The law creating the new criminal offence was brought forward thanks to a… Read More

Cybersecurity chief: Singapore escaped cyberattacks largely by chance

The chief executive of Singapore’s Cybersecurity Agency (CSA) said that while some organizations in Singapore suffered cyber attacks, the fact that the country escaped the worst of 2017’s malware attacks was due to a convergence of lucky circumstances rather than skill. In an interview with ChannelNews Asia, David Koh, chief executive of the CSA, said… Read More

Cybersecurity in 2018: what we can expect to face

At the end of a year that saw near-constant cyber attacks, including the Equifax breach, it would be easy to become overwhelmed by the sheer volume and intensity of cybersecurity concerns. Here, a host of security insiders tell us what to expect in the coming year so that you can protect yourself and your organisation. … Read More

Barclays cuts ties with Kaspersky following NCSC guidance

Kaspersky Labs’ PR troubles continue after Barclays bank discontinued its policy of offering the Russian firm’s anti-virus software to new customers. The decision by the UK bank, which counts itself amongst the country’s ‘Big Four’ and has revenues of more than £20 billion, comes after the UK’s cybersecurity chief advised against government departments using Kaspersky… Read More

Silence Trojan stealing money from Russian banks

Banks have fallen victim to a series of targeted attacks by a Trojan called Silence, according to a report from Kaspersky Labs. The financial institutions affected have mostly been Russian banks, though organisations in Malaysia and Armenia have also suffered attacks. The Trojan is another version of an advanced persistent threat (APT) campaign; where the attacking… Read More

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