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Five reasons the service desk should care about information security

In many organisations there is a separate information security team that deals with all things relating to security. This team is responsible for designing and implementing all the controls needed to protect the organization, and for managing all major security incidents. So why does the service desk need to be involved, and what contribution should… Read More

How to best optimise the IoT for your business

The 9th April, 2019 is celebrated as the global IoT day IoT Day began back in 2010 and has grown in scale and scope as the IoT becomes more embedded into the everyday. Of all the business who chose to implement the IoT last year, 94% have already seen a return on their IoT investment. However, the… Read More

New algorithm could protect IoT devices from cyber attacks

US researchers claim to have created a system that improves the security of IoT devices  Researchers claim to have developed a new algorithm which can help protect devices such as remote car keys from cyber attacks. Scientists at two US universities have created a programme that regulates how some small devices emit more power and… Read More

Taking control of all your cloud technologies with Nigel Hawthorn, McAfee

Nigel Hawthorn is Cloud & Privacy Spokesperson for McAfee. Learn how he and McAfee can protect your data travelling to the cloud, inside the cloud, coming down from the cloud and also between different cloud services, at Cloud & Cybersecurity Expo 2019. To register for your free ticket visit: #cybersecurity #cloudsecurity #cloud From… Read More

Discover how to secure your applications working off of cloud-native technologies with Aqua Security at CSSE

Meet Andy Feit, VP Go-To-Market at Aqua Security and the rest of the team at Cloud & Cyber Security Expo to learn how to secure your applications working off of cloud-native and serverless technologies. Aqua Security finds anomalies and tells you when your applications are doing something they shouldn’t. Cloud & Cyber Security Expo descends… Read More

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