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EU privacy ruling knocks Google

When there is a lot of comment and opinion flying around following a legal ruling, it is always good to read the informed, calm and learned opinion of @thecloudlawyer aka Frank Jennings. In this article he explains that Google has been required to remove links to some very old reports of a Spanish citizen’s social security… Read More

IT disaster recovery provision – don’t make a crisis out of a disaster

Jules Taplin has a long experience of dealing with users over their IT disaster recovery provision. What’s his answer to the common question of should I do my own or give it to my IT service provider? In a word: ‘Neither’. On both counts. If you’re serious about a disaster recover (DR) provision that will… Read More

Tweet: Intel and Huawei in strategic partnership to co-develop and market big data storage products

Although there is no official comment from Intel this article from eWeek’s Chris Preimesberger reports that Chinese IT giant Huawei will develop new storage technology with the US-based silicon expert specifically for big data applications. The deal would also give each company access to the others’ market. Excerpt “Under terms of this agreement, both companies will augment… Read More

News: MH370: ITU commits to integrate flight data recorders with big data and cloud

A little late in the day for Malaysian Airlines MH370 perhaps – most technologists pretty much assumed this was already happening – but Telecom Tiger’s Vineeta Shetty reports that the International Telecoms Union (ITU) has said that wants to ensure that in future big data and cloud technology can be used for real time tracking… Read More

Selecting the right software stack for your business analytics project

Once you have decided your data warehouse needs business analytics rather than a dashboard project do you go for a front end or back end solution or perhaps now a full stack offering? Elad Israeli, the founder and chief product officer at Sisense weighs up the options When assessing the various alternatives for extracting intelligence from your… Read More

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