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Big data analysis revolutionising business

Using big data and the cloud was leading to a business revolution said Toby Owen, head of technical strategy for Rackspace. He told delegates at Cloud Expo Europe of the efforts of parcel carrier UPS to calculate how its drivers could avoid left turns in right-hand drive countries because they took longer. Doing this saved… Read More

Volkswagen says the car must not become a “data monster” in the internet of things – but who’ll protect the customer?

It was VW’s chairman who used the expression “data monsters” while talking at Cebit and that drivers must be protected from government misuse of data. As car manufacturers increasingly pack their vehicles with data collection devices, Matt Asay, the vice president of business development and corporate strategy at MongoDB, considers the privacy implications for the… Read More

Automating the data warehouse and beyond – getting back to basics

Data warehousing maybe an old fashioned term but the basic principles still apply even to big data. Barry Devlin thinks it’s refreshing to step back to some of the basic principles of defining, building and maintaining data stores that support the process of decision making… or data warehousing, Excerpt “All IT projects begin with business… Read More

Data and security among top cloud predictions for 2014

8217;. And, of course, the likes of Amazon Web Services, Microsoft, HP and Google are ones to watch, but there are other areas of cloud computing that will rise up the business agenda over the coming year. Ok, so less of a prediction than a ‘stating the obvious’ but big data will continue to be… Read More

Facebook takes rapid approach to data centre build

Social media giant Facebook has revealed plans to build a data centre at twice the normal speed by using its new “rapid deployment data centre” (RDDC) design, in Luleå, Sweden. Based on the Baltic coast, Luleå was chosen as the site for the first data centre which opened last year to take advantage of the… Read More

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